Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mission 4 --> Day 5 -> 16

Hey Shredders

Sorry for not coming around lately.
I was busy moving to other dorms and i finally got reclassed.
Im in the security forces careerfield now, and have started training already.
So in that mess i wasnt able to take daily pics or blog.
I went to the gym a few times and went swimming twice since then.
I still have to come up with a way to make pics in this dorm. its incredibly small, old and dirty. Ill have to see how that works out.

Anyhow thats all i have to say for now.

Shred on everyone

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mission 4 --> Day 4

Hey Shredders.

Today was a calistenics day, so i did my workout of pushups and pullups in my room over the day.

Ill be heading over to the gym on the weekend again.

Nutrition was decent today.

Well thats all for today
Sorry for the recent short posts.
As soon as i come across something new or interesting, ill write abut it here.

Shred on everyone


Mission 4 --> Day 3

Hey Shredders

Once again sorry for the late post.
Food was decent today, but could have been cleaner.

Went to the gym today and blasted my arms again.
Mytraps are also burning like crazy now

Well thats all i have for today

Shred on everyone


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mission 4 --> Day 2

Hello readers

Well i finished up day 2 without any problem. Only did some light calistenics for a workout since im really still feeling the DOMS.

THe pool that is located very close to me is due to re-open this weekend, so i hope i will be able to do some work with that in the near future.

Nutrition was nice and clean yoday as planned.

Well thats all for today
Shred on everyone


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mission 4 --> Day 1

Hey Shredders

I finished my first day successfully.
Sorry for the late post. On weekdays my shift ends at 11 pm( starting at 3 pm) so i usually drop dead in bed afterwards.

I did go to the gym and had a good workout. Feeling some doms in my bi and triceps and shoulders

Its funny how restricted i feel again, now that im cutting out all and every kind of junk food. It reminds me of Mission 1.
Ill get used to this again soon enough, however im surprized how much i crave these things again.
I didnt get weak though, and only ate clean.

Im going to be going swimming at the first availible possibility, whenever that may be.

Well thats all i have for you today
Shred on everyone


Monday, May 18, 2009

Back with News + New Shred Mission!

Hey Shredders

Ill get right to the point.
I didnt make it into my careerfield, as i failed to complete the PAST test again.
This time it was mainly Form that gave me the finishing blow.

For those of you who dont know about the PAST test from my earlier posts, here are the details:

500 m swim in 14 min or less
1.5 mile run in 10:45 or less
6 pull ups in 1 minute
45 pushups in 2 minutes
45 situps in 2 minutes
45 flutter kicks in 2 minutes

The pushups and pull ups were my downfall
The socalled CCT(Combat Control) pushups, involve me going far below a 90 degree angle and come back up and lock out my elbows before doing it again.
If the form was off, the pushup wouldnt count.
ANd for the pull ups, your head cannot be tilted upwards at all, and your body cannot swing in the slightest. The adamsapple has to be well over the bar, while the bar almost touches the chest.

Anyhow, due to this "little" inconvienience, i will have to reclass into another careerfield within the air force.
However it will take up to a monmth for me to reclass and leave for my tech school.

I can crosstrain back into Combat Controller in 2 years minimum, and i deffinetely plan to do so.
2 years for me to get in the by far best shape in my life and 2 years for me to be able to break all the recors on the PAST test.

And once again i want to reach over to my good friends in the shreddersphere and share this journey with you. I cant tell for sure how often i can use the mission based concept, due to deployments in the future.
I will do my very best to do so though.
its time to get back on track.

It has been 2 weeks since i failed the PAST test.
Now to the truth.
To be completely honest in these last 2 weeks i have let everything go to hell entirely. BK, popeyes, cold cut sandwiches, M&M's and tons of Soda. Not a very healthy lifestyle.
I have been working out in irregular intervalls over this time, and have therewith saved myself from completely balooning. However I did gain a several pounds over this period of time.
You probably will notice this in tomorrows picture.

Why tomorrows picture? you ask?

Because I am starting mission 4!

Mission 4: 100 Days of Hell

Start: 18th May 2009
Finish: 25th August 2009

15 Pull Ups
70 CCT Push Ups in 2 minutes
70 CCT Sit Ups in 2 minutes
200 Flutter Kicks
500 meter swim in less than 8:30
1.5 mile run in 9 minutes
Manage to bench 250 pounds for 1 rep
Hold Plank for 5 minutes

I will have the opportunity to go to the gym almost daily now, and occassionally go to the pool as well.

Condition to mission: No Soda, No Candy, No Junk Food.
(just threw away 3/4th of my peanut M&M's Bag)

I have protein powder here.
Have to buy more milk tomorrow.
My fridge is packed with tuna.

I think i am pretty well prepared for now.

Thank you for reading, Shredders
Mission 4 will be going live tomorrow with my first daily picture.
Hope you will enjoy my ride as much as I will,

Shred on everyone


Sunday, May 3, 2009

Basic Training Completion. Hello Shredders!

Hey Shredders

Sorry that i didnt post this a bit sooner.
Im back from basic training and am in tech school now.
Im shooting to become a Combat Controller, which is a special operations job in the air force.
This tech school is nearly 2 years long and very phisically demanding.
Due to that i cant continue witht th mission concept, that i have been practicing since i started this blog.
Ill come here once in a while and check on you guys.
Dont know how often but ill do my best.

Basic Training was tough and a challenge.
Deffinetely not easy, and the early weeks were more or less depressing.
However the instructor's job is to break you down and then build you up again.
In the end it was deffinetely worth it and i had alot of fun times with my flight(team).
Bad side of BMT: We didnt get the chance to train half as much as i usually did at home.
I lost alot of strength, and some muscle mass. EVeryone who came in really fit, became alot weaker, whereas the really weak people became alot fitter.
I guess its supposed to bring you all down to one level.
So im trying to recover my lost strength now, here in tech school.
I failed the initial PAST test due to my lack of strength(result of BMT), along with 12 others who had the same problem. So they set me back for 2 weeks. Its 2 weeks later now, so ill be taking the PAST test again on monday.
If i fail, i need to reclass into a new careerfield. Wish me luck.

Anyhow thats all i have to say for now.
Congrats to adam and his great success with the RTP System!

Shred on everyone


P.S.: THis pic is about 10 days old now

Monday, March 23, 2009

Danny Update

Hi Folks,
Sorry I haven't posted sooner, I lost Dan's login data.

Dan is now in his 6th week in Basic Training. We received a lot of letters from him and were lucky enough to talk to him yesterday for about 30 minutes. He is doing Very Good and is really starting to have fun. The first few weeks were very difficult and stressful, but as his flight (his group) progressed, things improved.

He is getting 3 square meals a day and doing a lot of physical (and mental) training. This week he has to go in the field (camping out / wargames etc...). We will be visiting him in a few weeks for his Graduation. I expect a transformation in him very similiar to the one he had during his shredding time.

He asked me pass his regards to everyone and to keep shredding. I hope he can send a note on this blog in a few weeks.

Thats all for now. Shred On!

p.s. If anyone wants to send a letter or note to him, you can email me at and I will forward/bring it to him.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Danny is in the Air Force!

Hi Shredders,
Dans father here. Just wanted to let you all know that Danny made it to San Antonio and is now in Basic Training. I will try to keep you all up to date as soon as I hear from him. He probably won't be able to Blog again for at least 8-12 weeks. I am sure that he will keep up his fitness level and keep on the path. Anyway, I know that he loved shredding and talked a lot about his online friends. Keep your fingers crossed for him.

Keep Shredding!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Day 214 --> M3 Day 28: M3 End: Good Bye

Hey Shredders.

My short M3 mission is now officially completed.
Went to the gym for the last time here today and went out with some friends for lunch afterwards.
No swimming of course.

Well ill just get started with the goals i set in the beginning.

Like expected, i set my standards way to high again, lol.
However i succeeded in reaching 90 pushups, which is 20 more than my previous max.
Im currently at 8-9 pull ups
And 10-11 chin ups

The run goals fell flat on the face, as the track was covered with a thick layer of ice all throughout the mission.

And the underwater swim was partially my own fault and partioaly the fault of the many swimmiers blocking the lanes in the pool.
I stayed at 50 and havent attemped anything above that, due to the circumstances.

Eventhough this mission has not been a success in reaching the set goals, i cant say that it wasnt a success in total.
I feel and am stronger now than anytime in my life.
Improvements are hard to spot on this missions pictures,as gaining muscle simply doesnt stand out as much as losing fat.
I now weigh 92.6 kg.
My lowest in all my missions was 86.4 kg.
Im sure that i am not able to go down to that level anymore, as ive built a good ammound of muscle since my lowest point.

I have now also set a goal for myself over this year.
I want to reclaim the 100 kg body, but this time with muscle rather than fat.

Now to the last portion of this post.
Im leaving for the air force tomorrow morning.
Will go through processing till wednesday morning, when i will be set on a plane to lackland in texas. Ill be in rammstein for the time before that.
Im not sure when i will be able to pick up contact with you guys again, but i assure you that ill get it done when i have the chance.

I want to thank everyone in the shreddersphere for their massive support over the last 214 days. Thanks especially to adam for setting all this up for everyone.
I have no doubt in my mind, that without you id be in much worse shape than i am now and possibly would have continued down the fat gain spiral.Ill try to send you a mail once im through basic, bud.
Also big thanks to ron, juli, larry and mike groom for the countless comments over the whole time. Im happy to have "met" all of you guys.

Ive given my father the information to this blog.
He offered to post an update about how im progressing in the air force once in a while. I think ive woken his interest a bit with my transformation. Who knows, maybe he will join the shreddersphere as well some day, lol.

Anyways thats all i can think of saying right now
Ive gotta get some sleep now.
Ill check my blog tomorrow morning before i leave.

Shred On and Shred Massive everyone!
Im looking forward to seeing all your guy's transformations when i get a chance to poke my head in here again.


Sunday, February 8, 2009

Day 213 --> M3 Day 27

Hey Shredders

Went swimming for the last time here..
Did my usual two hours.

Tomorrows the last gym run here as well.

I really have nothing to say right now
Starting to get a bit nervous now. Took enough time to seep in :D

Well thats all for today
Shred on everyone


Day 212 --> M3 Day 26

Hey Shredders

Went swimming today.
No gym as my family(grandparents and others) were there to see me one last time.
Had to go simming earlier than usual though, as the time the relatives arrived was exactly cutting inbetween and into my normal swim and gym times.

Anyhow, i still feel sore from m chest workout so maybe a good idea to skip that.
On sunday im going to the gym again for the last time while im here.

Well thats all for today
Shred on everyone


Friday, February 6, 2009

Day 211 --> M3 Day 25

Hey Shredders

Had a good day today.
Went swimming for 2 hours and got alot more done, as there was noone but me and a friend swimming for more than an hour.
After that several people came, but too little to make swimming uncomfortable.

Went to the gym today and tried out something alse today.
Since i messed up the 5x5 80 kg several times, i downsized the weights.
The last time i did it, i went to 75 kg with my usual 2 minute break inbetween sets.
After warming up today however i did the entire thing with only 1 minute rest.
I figure that ill develop my chest a bunch better so ill be able to lift heavier weights soon.
Also i upped my weight on the leg press today to 205 kg / 452 lb.
Ive been increasing by 10 kg steadily for a while now. Starting with 105 kg / 231 lb.
Used the 5x5 concept for this as i have in the past few months.
Also follwing that i did my "calf presses" on the leg press(legs stretched, holding the weight and moving it up and down with your feet only. Nothing else blasts my calves like that.
I always do 5x30 reps with this and am seeing very healthy gains in my calves.

Anyways thats all for today
Finally a bit longer post, i know, lol.

Shred on everyone


P.S.: Notice the chair in the background. Thats just one of the many things im now moving into what used to be my room and will become my fathers den, lol.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Day 210 --> M3 Day 24

Hey Shredders

2 hours of swimming today and no gym.
Continued clearing out my room over the whole day.
You look at the pic to see what i mean.
Found several secret stashes of dust all over.
Never knew i had all that much =P.

Well thats all for today
Shred on everyone


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Day 209 --> M3 Day 23

Hey Shredders

Went swimming for 2 hours before heading to the gym for an hour.
Did mostly bodyweight exercises though.
My deadlifting DOMS(yes, its there even though i failed to complete my sets), is now reaching its high point, so i kept away from most exercises including the lower back and trapezius muscles.

Since im now in the high point of clearing out my room, and there is a not so organized chaos over here, im forced to skip my daily pic today.
Ill continue tomorrow though.

5 days left for this mission and till i leave.

Well thats all for today
Shred on everyone


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Day 208 --> M3 Day 22

Hey Shredders

Went for deadlifts again today.
In the 3rd(out of 5) sets my hands couldnt manage to hold gthe bar for a full rep anymore.
My core, back and legs had no problem, but in the end it failed due to my grip.

No swimming today, as its closed on mondays.
Exactly 1 more week for me.

Well thats all for today
Shred on everyone


Day 207 --> M3 Day 21

Hey Shredders

Rest Day today, so no training besides a few chin ups and pull ups spread across the day.

So ill leave it with that for today
Shred on everyone


Sunday, February 1, 2009

Day 206 --> M3 Day 20: 90 Pushups!

Hey Shredders

My schedule was a little squished again today, so i had to get up early and get everything done before both cars were in use again.
Went to the gym first, so i could be there right when it opens, and an hour later i went right to the pool and did my 2 hours.

Well i did my pushups till failure today, which i havent done in quite some time.
My goal for this mission was to go from 70 to 90..... well i did 90 today, lol.

Well thats all for today
Shred on everyone


Saturday, January 31, 2009

Day 205 --> M3 Day 19

Hey Shredders

Only swimming again today. 2 hours like usual.
Due to some complications about who was taking which car to what time i was kind of left without one, lol.

Ill catch up with it tomorrow. This will give me a bit extra time to recover fro my previous deadlifts.

Nothing new otherwise
Now i have 10 more days left, so its the final countdown now =P

Well thats all for today.
Shred on everyone


Friday, January 30, 2009

Day 204 --> M3 Day 18

Hey Shredders

Nothing all that exiting today.
Went swimming for 2 hours, but didnt go to the gym afterwards

I really am feeling the effects of yesterdays deadlifts. My entire back is aching.(the muscles only luckily, lol)

Nutrition was on target today.
Ive been taking a lot more protein over the last few days, and already feel the difference. Feel alot more pumped when working out.

Well thats all for today
Shred on everyone


Day 203 --> M3 Day 17

Hey Shredders

Went swimming for 2 hours, before heading to the gym for an hour.
Among other things i did 5x5 deadlifts with 110 kg, which is 10 kg more than the last time i did them.

I know this is a very short post, but i simply have nothing else to say right now, lol

Shred on everyone


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Day 198 - 202 --> M3 Day 12 - 16: Internet Disruption

Hey Shredders

Sorry about not posting over the last couple of days.
Our internet was somehow cancelled going into the weekend, and we had to wait for the phone service, at the beginning of the week. So we managed to fix it with them today after going the extra mile complaining on the phone.

Anyhow i havent been slacking off during this time.

Day 12:
Swimming for 2 hours

Day 13:
Swam for 2 hours and then went to the gym for an hour

Day 14:
Rest Day

Day 15:
Gym for 45 minutes

Day 16:
Swimming for 2 hours and working out at the gym for just over an hour.

Yesterday, i noticed that i hadnt been taking in enough protein over the last week and quickly changed this with a few shakes and some tuna.
I felt kind of beaten up without any reason on monday at the gym. Hence i only did 45 minutes of "acceptable" work.
Felt invigorated today again though.

Now I have 200+ Days under my belt.
Time seems to have been flying since day 100
13 days left till i leave for basic training.
Gotta shred it up in these last days now!

Well thats all for today
Shred on everyone


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Day 197 --> M3 Day 11: PAST passed...again.

Heys Shredders

Yesterday was a rest day to prepare for the past, so i didnt post yet.
We drove down to rammstein again today, where i retook the PAST a final time before basic training.
Ill just fill you in on my times and reps.

Underwater swim 20 metres x 2(3 minute breaks between underwaters):

10 minute break

500 meter swim:
Required time: 14 minutes
First PAST testing: 10:50
Second PAST testing: 10:13
Improvement: 37 seconds

30 minute break

1.5 mile run:
Required time: 10.45 minutes
First PAST testing: 10.45 minutes
Second PAST testing: 10:19 minutes
Improvement: 26 seconds

10 minute break

i was asked to just do a bit better than the last time i did the calistenics, so:
6 pull ups -> 7 pull ups
45 sit ups -> 50 sit ups
45 push ups -> 50 push ups
48 flutter kicks -> 50 flutter kicks

PAST: PASSED!.... again.

The test is designed to wear you out, no matter how fit you are. You still will feel miserably beaten up, even if you have world record times on this test, lol.And it really beat me up.
My run was heavily affected by previously wearing myself out in the pool. Believe me, i felt it, lol.
but hey, thats whay its Stamina test after all =P

4 hour drive there and 4 hour drive back, just so i could take the same test i took once again, lol.I gotta thank my dad for driving me all these times. Its really a pain, to make these long trips down to rammstein and back.

Well thats all for today
Ill resume taking pictures tomorrow and wont miss any more till i leave for basic training.

Shred on everyone


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Day 195 --> M3 Day 9

Hey Shredders

Nothing special today(exept the initiation of president obama, lol)
Went swimming for 2 hours.
The streets were way too icy today to drive all the way to the gym(20 km through a wet, icy and slippery forest).
So instead going to the gym i watched the initiation parade of obama, lol.
Still did some pullups and incline pushups though.

Well thats all for today
Shred on everyone


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Day 194 --> M3 Day 8

Hey Shredders

Went to the gym today where i tried for thre 5x with 80 kg benchpressing again, and failed again. Ill try it one last time before i downsize it a few kg to gain strength. Stayed for 100 min

No swimming since the pool is closed on Mondays
Wednesday will be an additional rest day, so i can rest myself for retaking the PAST in Rammstein.

Well thats really all for today
Shred on everyone


Monday, January 19, 2009

Day 192 + 193 --> M3 Day 6 + 7

Hey Shredders

Since i didnt post yesterdays post yet, i figured i would combine.
Didnt get to take a picture again yesterday because of a problem on my computer.
Todays pics are ok though.

Yesterday i went swimming for 2 hours before heading to the gym right after for an hour.

Really am feeling yesterdays deadlifts today. My entire back is sore as heck right now.

Well today was a rest day, so i have nothing else to say.

Thats all for today
Shred on everyone


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Day 191 --> M3 Day 5

Hey Shredders

Went swimming for 2 hours again today. However my choices in exercises in the water was incredibly limited.
There were 50 people in the pool that is 25x8 metres.
Dont know if it was a "bring your newborn" day or somethin =P.
So no sprints, no full lengths of the pool. Underwater swimming was difficult too since there was tons of chlorine in the pool today.
I think they add a bunch when they have many kids and dont want the water to turn yellow :D, lol.

To make up for not beeing able to swim as much as i would have liked, i stayed at the gym for an extra 35 minutes after finishing my hour.

No pic today
Missed the time for taking it. Willl resume tomorrow.

Wellt hats all for today
Shred on everyone


Day 190 --> M3 Day 4

Hey Shredders

Sorry for posting this a day late.

Went to the gym and tried for the benchpressing with 80 kg.
On the second set i just barely failed on the 5th rep.
I kind of expected my failure though more or less.
Ill try again for it the next time.
Instead of continuing, i warmed up and tried for my max weight on benchpressing.
I ended up beeing able to lift 89.5 kg for one rep. Jet i failed on 90 kg. Kind of frustrating, lol.I stayed at the gym for about an hour.

Before that i went swimming for 2 hours. Did the 50 meter underwater swim again to prove to myself, that i can still do it.

Well thats all for today
Shred on everyone


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Day 189 --> M3 Day 3

Hey Shredders

Uneventfull day today.
Afeter i went to the gym for the last 3 days im taking a day off from it.
Went swimming for 2 hours though and did the 500 meter timed swim again.
I started out quite calmly, trying to just make it in 14 minutes(minimum time for the past), but after 6 lengths i realized how much i had improved, even when swimming calmly(not full power). After that i went for full power swimming for the remaining 14 laps and ended up doing it in pretty much exactly 10 minutes.
Thats 50 seconds better than what i did in the last PAST.
Now I know that i could have done even better if i had given it my all from the beginning.
Im very satisfied with my improvements in this area now.

Well thats all for today
Shred on everyone


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Day 188 --> M3 Day 2

Hey Shredders

Went to the gym today where I blasted my bicep and tricep very hard today. Never had that numb arms before, lol. Anyhow i stayed for about an hour.

I also went swimming for 2 hours. Feels good to be in our hometown pool again. Best of all its not even nearly as chlorinated as the pool in the states.

Nutrition today was on target. Still drink alot of milk thesedays. TOday it was 3 litres.

Well thats all for today
Shred on everyone


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Day 187 --> M3 Day 1: The Final Shred

Hey Shredders

Here I am again.
The trip went pretty well and I am handling the jetlag pretty good too, though i deffinetely feel it.
After arriving i got a call from a friend at the gym and headed over there for a hourlong workout. Felt good to be working out in that gym again.
Well anyways that was yesterday, Sunday.

Today(Monday), is the official start of Mission 3: "The Final Shred"
This Mission will last 28 Days and will be my finaly effort to get into shape before beeing shipped off to basic training. Finish will be on the 8th of February.
On the 9th im going down to Rammstein, where i will stay till the 10th.

Ill just start this off with my Goals:

- 15 Chin Ups

- 13 Pull Ups

- 90 Push ups

- Run a 6 minute mile on a track

- Run 1.5 miles in 9 minutes on a track

- Swim 65 metres underwater

Well thats pretty much it for formal goals. Of course the six pack is among my wishes, yet i figure that by now everyone is hot for one and its not really worth mentioning, lol.(well too late now, hehe).

This mission will be similar to Mission 2: Eat Big, Burn Big.
I find it incredibly east to lose fat with daily swimming, and have a hard time even eating enough food to make me "not lose weight".Like I said once: Eating alot can get annoying at times. Im eating up to 4000 calories and over every day just to keep up with the swimming, lol. But its deffinetely worth it.
The point to burn alot of fat, while still getting an advanced ammount of protein, vitamins, minerals and all other important building blocks for building muscle.
its worked very well for me sofar!

Anyways, to todays workout.
The pool here is closed on mondays, so tomorrow is the soonest ill be able to go(and I will).
I went to the gym for an hour today, and did my 5x5 bench pressing with 77.5 kg and succeeded.
Because of a difference i weight of the plates and the translation from lb to kg int he states, i didnt manage to keep training the 5x5 routines all that much.
77.5 is still a great improvement for me. I believe however that the next few of these 5x5 benchiing workouts will be harder than sofar and will take repeating to make it.
I ended up staying a helthy 70 minutes working out hard.

Well thats all I have for you guys today
Shred on everyone


P.S.: And the pics are there again too. Heres my day 1 picture.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Day 183 -> 185

Hey Shredders

Im going to be on a plane heading back to germany in a few hours, so ill post this a bit early.

Thursday, Friday and today i basically did the same ammount of time working out.
45 minutes in the gym, 75 minutes in the pool.

Ive failed to mention, but over the last 9 days ive been doing incline pushups at home, using the bed as the incline. I think im capable of breaking my previous record of 70 now or ar least soon.

Ill be starting with daily pictures again when "mission 3: the final shred" commences.

Ill be entirely worn out on sunday(the day i will arrive back in germany), and probably as well on Monday. Ill see how I adjust to the time change this time.

Well thats all for today.
Shred on everyone


Thursday, January 8, 2009

Day 178 -> 182

Hey Shredders

A little late but here we go.

On Saturday I worked out at the gym for 45 min, also doing my mile run in 6:10(on the treadmill though...). Also went swimming for 75 minutes after that.

Sunday was the rest day inbetween.

Monday i felt a bit sick so i pushed the workout back a day.

Tuesday i went to the gym for an hour, and actually discovered a new room at the YMCA. A strenght room, which is specifically designed for the heavy free weight workout(deadlifts, benchpressing, squats, dumbells weighing up to 200 lbs each)
This is great, as that was the only thing next to a running track that i was lacking over here. Felt good to have a really intense workout again. After that i went swimming for 75 minutes again. The chlorine really is terrible at the Y. Underwater swimming is best done with closed eyes while guiding yourself with your arms infront of you.

And today i went to the gym for an hour, working out at the strenght training room alot again. After training in the gym i went to the showers, got undressed and put on my swimming shorts, before showering. After showering i went over to the pool, but it was closed and dark with a hose running into water. I guess they were refilling the chlorine even more...
Anyways i had no other choice but to dry off and call it a day.

Ill be going again tomorrow. Hope the pool will be open again, and hope the added chlorine wont make me blind, lol.

Anyways thats all for today.
Shred on everyone


Friday, January 2, 2009

Day 174 -> 177

Hey Shredders

Happy Newyears to everyone in the shreddersphere and to anyone reading at the moment.
2009 will be a blast!

Went back to the YMCA on Tuesday, and swam for 105 minutes after working out at the gym for 45 minutes.
Wednesday was a "inbetween day" and thursday was newyears.
So I went to the gym again today. 45 min at the gym + 75 min in the pool.

Well thats all for today
Shred on everyone


Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Day 171 - 173

Hey Shredders

Since I wont be shredding daily, ill update in 3 day bursts till the end of my mission.

On Saturday i wasnt able to go to the gym.
Was still to exhausted from the trip. Also the opening and closing times werent convinient.

On Sunday I went to the YMCA for the first time.
Worked out in the gym for 45 minutes. Did my benching, but regretfully here i didnt know the weight of the bar, also i needed to translate from kg to lbs. So I did an estimated 78 kg. It worked out with the 5x5 workout though.

Afterwards i went to the pool which was almost only filled with cholrine(it seemed, lol) and swam for an hour and 15 minutes.

Today was a "inbetween day". Ill go to the YMCA every second day, so this is the inbetween day.
Finally got entirely adjusted to the timezone, and got some well timed sleep yesterday.

Anyways, while I was watching TV yesterday, I came across a commercial that I had seem countless times on my previous trips. This is the first trip that it really bothered me.
It was a commercial for a fat loss pill.
"do you feel like everything you try to lose fat fails? Then try this"
Then it also tried to reel you in with the 30 risk free deal while its obvious that people wouldnt bother sending it back. Since it has more than 30 servings, people would either continue taking it till it was too late for return, or they wouldn't have sufficient self-esteem to figure that they were beeing screwed over.
Then they continued, that in average, 77-78% of the lost bodyweight was "pure bodyfat". So If you lost 10 kg, then 2.2 kg would be lost muscle.
Its so much harder to put on a kilogramm of muscle than losing a kg of fat.
Even for a cheat product, that isnt a good rate.

And since this commercial has been running for over 3 years, we know that people are still searching for the bogus magic pill that will melt off the fat. If these scams were recognized right away, they would be kicked off the air in no time.

To anyone thinking of trying out the magic pills, all I can say is: dont!
The real method to burn fat, is not new and doesnt need a scientific document to prove it(though I bet it exists). Eat less, burn more! Thats all.
If you already are deadset on buying these pill or have already, then I cant give you any better advice, but to watch what happens and keep a realistic perspective on what is happening to you so you will learn from your mistakes.

Thats all for today
Shred on everyone

(yeah, i know this post ran out a bit long, lol :D)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Day 170: In the states

Hey Shredders

Long flights, long drives and unhealthy food.
Sitting around all day and eating alot is really a combination i should be avoiding, lol.

Tomorrow ill be heading down to the YMCA for the first time.
Ill blog about this tomorrow.

For now, everyone shred on


Friday, December 26, 2008

Day 169: Run Times

Hey Shredders.

Did my run again today.
I haven't missed a run in quite some time now.
These are the stats:

15th = 7:01 min

17th = 7:01 min

19th = 6:47 min

21st = 6:36 min

23rd = 6:34 min

25th = 6:20 min

That was for a 1 mile run.
I improved by 41 seconds in 10 days.
Hope I can keep up the nice momentum ive built up with my runs.

Tomorrow morining Im leaving for my trip to the states.
So Ill blog a bit later than usual.

Well thats all for today
Shred on everyone


PS: Id tell you the previous times if I recorded them or remembered them. Anyhow it started around 7:30-7:40 a mile

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Day 168

Hey Shredders

Dearly needed rest day today.
Gym is closed over the next few days along with the pool.
That leaves me with pushups, pullups and running.
Tomorrow I will post again, but on the 26th im going to be on my way to the states.

Anyways thats all for today
Shred on everyone


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Day 167

Hey Shredders

Nothing much today
Thanks for the numerous comments, and thanks adam for dedicating his last daily post to me :D

I ran my mile today reaching a new best: 6:34 min
2 seconds better than last time.

After that I went to a pre-christmas party with a bunch of friends.

I forgot to mention that yesterday, I finally entirely figured out deaddlifting.
Got some nice DOMS all over my back now.

Well thats all for today
No pics


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Day 166 --> M2 Day 84: Mission 2 END

Hey Shredders

Wow is all I have to say. Mission 2 is over already. 84 days of hard training come to an end(not that ill stop now, lol)
I feel and in my oppinion look a good ammount stronger compared to when I started M2.
Funny how my weight however compares.
At the beginning of this mission I was weighing about 90 kg, and surprizingly its sligly over 90 kg now
I went down to 86.4 kg in the first half of my mission reaching a bodyfat percentage under 10%.
And since I hit halftime Ive switched it to a bulking Mission.
Surprizingly all the swimming I do kept me in the low bodyfat didgits, till about a week ago when they closed the pool for maitnance.
Anyhow seeing the difference in looks on my comparative pics below and the "sameness" of my weight, its safe to say that ive gained Ive gained a good ammount of muscle :D
I dont have the measurements but pictures are more comforting in any case.
Thanks to ron being on the stronglifts 5x5 programm, I also incorparated some of it into my second half. Thanks ron and thanks stronglifts, lol.
Ive gotten alot stronger with squats, benching and dips due to that.

As known from me my goals were a pretty darn lofty. Well at least the revised onces when I extended this mission to 84 days.
My original goals for this mission however were mostly reached.
Ive doubled my pullups from 5 to 10
My pushups went from 43 to 70. 65 was that goal.
12 min 500 meter swim i beat with a 10:50 min swim in my PAST.
Im confident that im capable of even more now.
I managed to do the 50 meter underwater swim as my goal asked.
And I almost met the goal of holding my breath underwater for 2:30. I got to 2:24.
Looking as I didnt start running activly again since several weeks ago, i didnt reach the goals i set for that. Im confident to reach a 6 min mile and a 9 min 1.5 mile in the near future soon.

Thanks for the support during this Mission everyone

I will be starting "Mission 3: Final Shred" on the 12th of January. Itll last a 28 days and will be my last super shred in the Shredder-Universe.
On the 9th of February Im off to the Air Foce for Basic Training so that will be the end for me.

Today: Went to the Gym for 90 minutes and tried doing the 75 kg benching a second time. Last time I failed in the 5th set on the 3rd rep.
This time i really struggled with it, made it however. 77.5 kg the next time.

Tomorrow is a rest day. I pushed it back by 2 days already now.
I will however run my mile tomorrow. I dont want to miss the sceduled 1 mile run I do every 2 days.

On Friday im leaving for the states. Will go to the YMCA(gym, pool and track!!!) at least every second day till the 10th of january when we return.

Christmas Is closing in, and Its funny how little I mind eating a bit more.
It seems Ive entirely any fear of fat, lol.
It doesnt seem bad, as it ties on to my bulking mission
My swimming in the states will melt anything right off.
I wont go overboard though.
The 10% pushup challenge on the shrddersphere forum is also coming to an end.
Good luck to everyone. 3 days left to reach your goals.

Well thats all for today
Shred on everyone.


Monday, December 22, 2008

Day 165 --> M2 Day 83 : PAST retake

Hey Shredders

Good day today in general.
Went to the gym for just over 80 min.Did 5x5 squats with 75 kg without problem.
I also went running and beat my previous 1 mile time by another 9 seconds.
Im now at 6:36 for once mile.

Also I got a call today from the recruiting center.
They told me that 30-45 days before I get shipped off, i have to take the PAST(Physical Aptitude and Stamina Test; (required for special forces jobs in the Air Force)) AGAIN!!!
I had no idea that was coming, but I see their point.
There are some peole who entirely slack off after taking the past the first time, and are unable to do it again by the time they leave for basic.
The annoying part is that this involves a 4 hour drive to rammstein again.
Itll be sometime between 12th and 15th of january.

Anyways thats all for today

Shred on everyone


P.S.: Last day for Mission 2 tomorrow.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Day 164 --> M2 Day 82

Hello Shredders

Just finished reading the last modules of adams RTP System.
Great Stuff adam! This will be up there with BFFM!

Went to the gym again today for just over an hour, working on my abs.
No real soreness though, which surprises me.

2 more Days for this mission.
Will be pushing back my rest day to tuesday, so I can Shred hard untill my mission is over.

Anyways thats all for today.
Shred on everyone


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Day 163 --> M2 Day 81

Hey Shredders

Good day today
After resting my triceps and chest since my last benching 5x5, i finally tried out my max pushups again today.
Surprizingly i totally blew away my expectations and did 70 pushups. 8 more than my last max.
When I went to they gym to do the benching with 75 kg i stalled during the 4th rep on the 5th set.
I really struggled throughout that and barely completed the first 4 sets.
In the end i stayed at the gym for just over 50 minutes.

Before that i ran my mile again and beat my best time by a good ammount.

Anyways thats all for today
Shred on everyone


Friday, December 19, 2008

Day 162 --> M2 Day 80

Hey Shredders

No pic today. Fell asleep a bit early and missed the pic time through that.
Went to the gym for 90 min.

Tomorrow is run + gym day again.

Im sore allover again now. Cant wait for sunday, my rest day.

Well Shred on everyone


Thursday, December 18, 2008

Day 161 --> M2 Day 79

Hey Shredders

Sorry for posting so late lately.
Went to the gym for 80 min and ran a mile down at the track before that.

Nutrition was again decent, but nothing more or less.

5 days left in my current mission. And then its before and after time again, lo.

Shred on everyon


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Day 160 --> M2 Day 78

Hey Shredders

Only went to the gym today for 50 min.
My chest is really feeling DOMS now.

Tomorrow ill go to the gym again and run the mile i run evry second day.

Nutrition was alright, though i didnt quite hit my calorie goal today.
Eating alot can be annoying.

Well thats all for today
Shred on everyone


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Day 159 --> M2 Day 77

Hey Shredders

Good day today.
Went running for a mile before i headed to the gym for 70 min.
I did the 5x5 bench pressing today with 72.5 kg successfully.
I was surprized, since i stalled at 70kg and had to repeat it the last time before today.
No swimming of course, since the pool is closed till the day i go to the states.... ironic, lol.

Anyways thats all for today
Shred on everyone


Monday, December 15, 2008

Day 158 --> M2 Day 76

Hey Shredders.

Sorry for the late post.
I moved my rest day to sunday, as monday is no longer the only day i cant go swimming, and the gym is open longer on mondays.

No pic today due to that.

Thats all i have for you now.
So, see you later

Shred on


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Day 157 --> M2 Day 75

Hey Shredders

Went swimming for 2 hours today, and went to the gym for 40 min.
Nutrition was ok caloriewise, but since i was gone to the gym and pool during normal lunch time, i missed out on that.

My pics are taken shortly after having a big meal and still feeling bloated.
So they didnt come out too good today.

Well thatsd all for today
Shred on everyone


Saturday, December 13, 2008

Day 156 --> M2 Day 74

Hey Shredders.

Very good day today.
Went swimming for two hours after i ran a mile on the track.
Lateron i headed to the gym where i tried benching 70kg 5x5 again.
This time i managed it quite easily actually.
Also i squatted the same weight for 5x5.

My calf DOMS finally is entirely gone. Which means ill be going back to burning thm up soon, hehe.

Thats all ive got for today.

Just an announcement: Im going on vacation on the 26th of december till the 10th of january. Flying to my grandparents in the massachusets.
This time ive already secured a gym for the time im there. The YMCA actually.
Mission 2 will be ending on the 22nd, so ill see this as a reward, lol.

Well thats all for today
Shred on everyone


Friday, December 12, 2008

Day 155 --> M2 Day 73

Hey Shredders

First of all I want to congratulate mike and adam for finishing the shreddersphere forum. You two have done a great job.

Today I only went swimming for 2 hours.
Two more days left, before the pool closes up for 2 weeks.

Well thats all for today
(Yes I know, that this is a short post again, lol.)

Shred on everyone


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Day 154 --> M2 Day 72

Hey Shredders

Very good day today.
Went swimming for two hours.
I wanted to do the same distance, as i did in the PAST test and see how much effort i would have to put in to complete the 500 metres in just under 14 min.
At the actual PAST, i made it in 10:50 min, but today i was trying to reach the worst, which is 14 min, but still make it.
I ended up doing it in 13 min without any special effort, andd figured, i would continue for another 500 metres. And as time went by i kept adding 500 metres to the continuous swim, till i reached 2.5 km. I made it in 78 min which means that every lap was 13 min.
Awesome for me to see, that even without effort, now i could easily pass this test again, even if it was longer.

Before swimming, i went running for a mile, even though my calf was still aching like crazy. It seems though that all the activity has finally loosened it up, and now i barely feel any of the soreness anymore.

Lastly I decided to go to the gym for an hour again.
I did the 5x5 bench pressing with 70 kg. I was really disappointed though, as i failed the last repetition of the last set, even though i had already managed to raise it half way. The next times ill use 70 kg again, till i manage to do the 5x5 routine with the weight.

Nutrition today was good. Had alot of milk to drink, along with plenty of tuna, chicken and vegetables.

Well thats all for today
Shred on everyone


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Day 153 --> M2 Day 71

Hey Shredders

Went swimming for 2 hours today.
No running, as my calfs are burning even more than yesterday from DOMS.Walking has become a real amusing activity all of the sudden.

Otherwise i did some pushups.
Nutrition was decent. Not entirely clean but on the mark caloriewise.

Tomorrow im going to the pool again and will also go to the gym.

Well thats all for today
Shred on everyone


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Day 152 --> M2 day 70

Hey shredders

2 more weeks for this mission.
Its been going great over the last few weeks, and i cant see myself changing anything in the near future. Never change what works for you very well.

Today was a rest day so ive got nothing on the training part today.(and no pics)
My calfs are going through the worst DOMS I can remember. Really an awesome feeling, ill tell you.

Nutriton was alright today, not perfect though.

Well thats all for today
Shred on everyone


Monday, December 8, 2008

Day 151 --> M2 Day 69

Hey Shredders

Went to the gym today.
67.5 kg benching 5x5
65 kg squats 5x5.

Thats what i upped for today.
Of course thats not all i did today at the gym.
I really burned out my calfs today. DOMS really is starting to kick in now.

Nutrition was good today.
Tomorrows a rest day for me, so no pic tomorrow.

Well thats all for today
Shred on everyone


Sunday, December 7, 2008

Day 150 --> M2 Day 68

Hello readers

Half a hundred days down again.
Time really is flying by lately.

Went swimming for 2 hours today.
After next week, the pool will be closed for almost 2 weeks for yearly cleaning.

Tomorrow im hitting the gym around noon. Time to up the weights again.

Its really funny how short my posts have become in recent time.
Now that everything is going flawlessly, and i have no more spontaneous ideas, i finish writing these posts within 3-7 min. tops.

So ill end it here for today
Shred on everyone


Saturday, December 6, 2008

Day 149 --> M2 Day 67

Hey Shredders

Nothing much to say today again.
Its been a good day.
Nutrition was good and so was sleep.
Went swimming for 2 hours and ran for a mile before that.

My entire body is sore from all previous workouts, which is a great sign.

Well thats all for today
Shred on everyone


Friday, December 5, 2008

Day 148 --> M2 Day 66

Hey Shredders

Couldnt run due to big time snowfall yesterday and last night. The track was and is covered in snow.
I went to the gym today for an hour and had a good workout.
Did squats 5x5 with 62.5 kg, also 5x5 benchpressing with 65 kg.
I upped 2.5kg each.
Thanks to ron i got interested in the stronglift website and practice.
Sofar im deffinetely satisfied with the 5x5(very early though)

Lateron I went swimming for 2 hours and 45 minutes.

Nutrition was below calorie goal today regretfully.
Ill make up for that tomorrow if possible.

Well thats all for today

Shred on everyone


Thursday, December 4, 2008

Day 147 --> M2 Day 65

Hey Shredders.

Short post today as i dont have a lot to say.

Day went great in all aspects. I went swimming for 2 hours and did some push ups at home.
Nutrition and sleep were both great again.
I think im on a roll now.

Thats all i have for you today.
Thanks for yesterdays numerous comments.

Shred on


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Day 146 --> M2 Day 64

Hey Shredders

Very busy day today.
First I ran for a mile. The track is right next to the pool.
Then i went swimming for 2 hours.
I was already sure that i was finished for the day, when a friend from the gym called, and asked if i would come along to the gym.
Surprizingly i agreed, even though the workout wasnt sceduled.
So 1 hour at the gym as well.

Nutrition worked out very well today.

Sleep also is exellent lately.
I think due to this, my bulking mission is finally working better.
I am stronger than ever now and I believe that i am finally gaining a good ammount of muscle mass.
Well judge for yourself on the pics.

Thats all for today
Good Night and Shred on


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Day 145 --> M2 Day 63

Hey Shredders

Good day today
Went to the gym and hit the squats again, this time with 60 kg to start it off. Also with the 5x5 system.
Also benching 62.5 kg(without machine), 5x5.

A few days ago i tried out my max on benching(again witrhout the machine). I ended up doing 82.5 kg once.
Not quite my bodyweight yet, but not that far of either.

Tomorrow im going to the pool again. No gym, but some body weight exercises.
Im trying to teach myself to do a handstand now. Possibly a pushup or two in that position lateron.

Well thats all for today
Since i was in a rush to the gym today i missed out on taking pictures.
Tomorrow is more organized, so ill deffinetely get some pics up here.

Shred on everyone


Monday, December 1, 2008

Day 144 --> M2 Day 62

Hey Shredders

The gym and pool close early on sundays and i didnt manage to get there in time. I didnt want to drive, with even the slightest ammount of alcohol in my system, even if i felt fine.
Lateron I went to a bigggg family dinner, which also took up some time.

Im booking today as a rest day, rather than tomorrow, where ill deffinetely figure out something to do. I might go to the gym, depending on the availibility of the car.

So no pics today.
Ive got a nice muscle-soreness from yesterdays training though. It might be a good idea to rest it out right the day after.

Well thats all for today
Shred on everyone


Sunday, November 30, 2008

Day 143 --> M2 Day 61: First Trophy

Hey Shredders.

Today the Gym was holding a contest.
There were two categories,: "Mr. Bauchmuskel" and "Mr. Brustmuskel"
Of course thats in german, so for everyone but juli, ill translate real fast.
Bauchmuskel = abdominals(abs)
Brustmuskel = Chest Muscle(pecs)

For each we had to 4 exercises, with as many repetitions as we could in 1 minute.
We started with the four pec exercises.
First push ups for one minute
30 sec. rest
Butterfly curls for one minute
30 sec. rest
Benching 50 kg for one minute
30 sec. rest
And lastly Benching as much weight as you can at the machine, once, while the bench is bent to about 45 degrees.(weight was calculated with bodyweight for points)

I came in 3rd here.

Then the abs exercises.
First weighted, leg raises(laying down) 5 kg weight for one min
30 sec. rest
then you hang on the pull up bar and raise your leg, till your leg makes a 90 degree angle to your stomache. That for 1 min
30 sec. rest
crunches for 1 min.
30 sec rest
and lastly turning situps(elbow touches opposite knee)

And to my big surprize i actually won this one.

Its not a big gym, but hey, i beat people who have been training for more than 2 years, while im roughly at 4 and a half months into this

Thats all i did for fitness today.
I was invited to a big birthday party of a friend of mine, so i headed down there.
I had some alcohol for a change again, but didnt go overboard.

Pool closed at 5 pm today, and at that time i was getting home from the gym, so no swimming.

Well thats all for today.
Now that I look at it, a rather long post.

Shred on everyone